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Engine Room

Engine Room 1 // Engine Room 2 // Engine Running // Air Compressor // Spare Oil Tank
Reidar Bendikson's Story:
Air Compressor // Engine Room // Engine Room 2 // Generators

This is the heart of the ship, and seemingly one of the noisiest places on earth. The main engine, a Caterpillar D 399, provides most of the power, but there are also two separate diesel generators to provide electrical power throughout the ship for things such as lights, cooking, or air-conditioning. The room also contains an air compressor that powers many of the controls used in conjunction with the hydraulic equipment on board, as well as many other pumps and motors necessary to the ship's operation. As all of this equipment is housed in a steel room, full ear protection is required to enter this compartment. An enormous fan brings in air from topsides to feed the engine and help keep the room slightly cooler.