Scallop Boat Virtual Tour

Looking Down On The Deck // Dumping Rock // Picking The Deck
Aft Deck A // Aft Deck B // Aft Deck C

Working Deck

The open back deck is where the heavy work is done. The two dredges are lifted aboard the vessel after the tow is over (A tow may last three hours on average, but this depends on how numerous the scallops are in any particular area. The captain can usually tell how long he should tow after the first pass.) Once aboard, the dredges are rigged in a way that allows the scallops to be dumped onto the deck for sorting. The dredges are then immediately put back overboard, allowing the Huntress to begin her next drag. This cycle goes on twenty-four hours a day. The deck is also pierced by two hatches that lead to the fish hold where the scallops will be stored for the remainder of the trip, and one hatch that leads to an after machinery space called the lazerette.